How to Clean Concrete Surfaces the Right Way?

How to Clean Concrete Surfaces the Right Way?

Concrete surfaces are no longer limited to commercial and industrial facilities. Today residential concrete floorings and certain types of countertops are in demand. But over time, even the most durable concrete surfaces and floorings can sustain damage in the form of dirt and stains that can make the surface dull. So how can you clean concrete surfaces – the right way?

Concrete is synonymous strength and durability. This makes it the ideal option for a variety of surfaces including roads, sidewalks, driveways, indoor floorings, and certain types of countertops.

Given its versatility, it is important that you learn about maintaining concrete surfaces and floorings.

Continue reading to know more about what you can do keep your concrete surfaces clean and ensure their longevity.

How to Get Rid of Stains, Dirt, and Grime from Concrete Surfaces?

Rust, dirt, dust, tire marks, vehicle fluids, grease and oil stains can impact the appearance of concrete surfaces. Here are the best ways of getting rid of some of the most common types of stains and dirt.

Daily or Routine Cleaning of Concrete Floors

  • Simply use a dust mop and vacuum or sweep your concrete floorings to get rid of the dirt and dust.
  • Next use a safe/green cleaner mixed with clean water to mop your concrete floors clean.

Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

Rust stains can look ugly. There are several cleaning solutions and options that you can choose to get rid of rust stains. These include;

  • Lemon juice/vinegar – simply let the mix soak, then scrub, and rinse.
  • Detergent – mix some detergent with baking soda and apply to the rusted area. Let it sit for atleast ten minutes before gently scrubbing the surface and rinsing it.
  • Commercial Cleaners – there are several heavy-duty commercial cleaning solutions available in the market. Just make sure you follow the directions provided and use the necessary protective gear.



Get Rid of Oil Stains from Concrete

If the oil stains are not very severe or old, you can use a laundry detergent mixture. Or you can mix vinegar, washing soda, and dish soap together and clean the concrete surface.

You can get rid of old oil stains from concrete surfaces simply with a good degreaser. An epoxy paint also works well.

Removing Motor Oil Stains from Driveways

  • To get rid of motor oil stains from your driveway, simply cover the affected area with sand, sawdust, corn starch or kitty litter or corn starch and rub it in.
  • Next sweep up the mix and rinse the area.
  • You might have to repeat the process several times for desired results.
  • If the stain is old and stubborn, then you can use WD-40 on the stain. Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it with a high-pressure hose.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services

The common home remedies and easy-to-use cleaning solutions mentioned above can help you get rid of common stains and marks from concrete surfaces. However, when it comes to old and stubborn stains and dirt, it is best that you consult with a professional floor cleaning service such as A1 Cleaning Services.

Our floor cleaning technicians are highly trained and certified in all types of floor cleaning services, including concrete floor cleaning.

We use advanced industry certified cleaning products and state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of even the most stubborn stains and marks from all types of concrete surfaces and floorings.

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